Alistair Somerville Ford

AlistairDr Alistair Somerville Ford
was an international consultant specialising in the design, development and implementation of strategic plans to meet social inclusion, and social and economic development needs. For more than thirty years he provided expert advisory services to international and national development agencies, development banks, trade associations, government departments and agencies, and to private sector clients in South Asia, South East Asia, the Far East, Central, Eastern and Western Europe, sub-Saharan and ACP nations.

His former roles include: Senior Advisor to the Asia Pacific CEO Association, Vice President of the Charter Management Association (Hong Kong), external Examiner to two Oxford Business Colleges, an External Examiner at the University of Manchester, President of the Examination Board of the European Business Polytechnic, Academic Advisor to the Institute for Business Planning, a member of the International Membership Development Committee of EUHOFA and an Honorary Professor of Management at the Moscow Business School.

His interests include Ancient & Modern History, Philosophy, Education, Cultures and the development of the Knowledge Circle.

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