So, why does all this matter?

EinsteinYou might have noticed that there has been a great deal of excitement recently at the discovery of ‘gravitational waves’ in outer space. The existence of these ‘waves’ was one of Einstein’s predictions and it has taken scientists 100 years to prove that his theory was correct.

Coupled with this latest discovery is the increased activity to develop space vehicles which will enable mankind to locate new planets which can support human life.

So, why does all this matter?

Well, the reason why it matters relates to the discovery and confirmation of the existence of a large number of Black Holes in outer space.

Constantly on the move, these Black Holes, formed by gases, have enormous gravitational pull and are able to ‘consume’ planets, comets, suns and stars.

Once an object has been pulled into a Black Hole there is no escape and the object is crushed.
The more celestial bodies that are ‘consumed’ the larger and more dangerous the Black Hole becomes.

If Earth came into the gravitational pull of a Black Hole it would be ‘consumed’, crushed and reduced to the size of a tennis ball.

This discovery has prompted the current increase in attempts to develop space ships and space travel.

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Black hole

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