Super Earth

There has been growing unease about the growth in the world’s population and concern about the future availability of food, water and other essential items necessary to sustain life on earth. It means that Teams of people, unseen and unknown to you and I have, for years, been seeking an alternative planet which we can all live on.

Known as a ‘Super Earth’ astronomers have now spotted the closest potentially habitable planet (Wolf 1061c). It can be found just outside our solar system, orbiting a star a mere 14 light years away.

In a recent Press Release NASA indicated that it could one day be our new earth. However, they are being somewhat naive!

1 light year is 5.88 million million miles and this means that 14 light years is 82.3 million million miles.

Super Earth imageThe American space vehicles which went to the moon travelled at about 15,000 miles per hour.

A space vehicle travelling at 1 million miles per hour would take 82.3 million million hours to reach the planet specified.  This means that the journey to Wolf 1061c would take 9,395 years.  One would hope there is a toilet on board!